Manufacturing Work


Caring for every detail of the process

The process of a luxury shoe or boot is very delicate in each of its steps and requires all the attention of the craftsman to achieve a perfect assembly.

selection of materials

We select the different types of leather and all the necessary elements for the shoes.
(time required one or two days)

pattern design

The pattern involves creating the shape of each component of the shoe. Each model has a unique pattern adjusted to its measurements.

( time required one week


For this, the most appropriate materials are selected for each part of the shoe this process is very laborious and requires done slowly and with care.

  ( time required one week )

refine edges

Is the process of the flatening the edges of the leather pieces the have been cut of the pattern. This creates a much smoother effect, with cleanner edge.

( time required one week )


Once they marked all parts, the different shoe parts are sewn. This process requires a total dedication since a good seam determines the durability, quality and finish of a shoe.

( time required one week )

preparation of the last

The last is a foot-snapped piece in which the shoes are molded. The last is very important because its determines the shape and form of the shoes.

( time required three or four days )


Is proceed to mount the shoe on the last. This process is one the most important steps and which takes longer. Here it's given the shape of the shoe.

( time required two week )

selection of the heel

It's made the selection and preparation of the heel for the model. Then is covered with the leather chosen.

( time required one day )

details of refinement

This involves the refining of assembled the shoe and is added the final decorative details for the pair handmade shoes.

( time required two week )

prepare and placing sole

The main parts of the shoe sole is then covered on both sides of the template ( the part that it is contact with your foot) and sole ( the part it's in contact with the floor)

( time required one week )


The final cut is made, are cleaned and polish your shoes. Once they finished is proceeds to the review to verify that everything is perfect.

( time required one week )

ready to send

Package with love and they are sent directly to your wishful feet!

( time required two to twelve days, depend destination )