Made to Order


Each model exclusively for you

Each model is made exclusively for each client allowing unique customization on each shoe and boot to create an exclusive pair for you.

Start creating your unique high heels

the materials

Choose between different types of leather such as nappa, suede or patent. Or choose from exotic leathers like snake or crocodile

sole color

The sole is not only the part with which the shoe touches the ground, it is an important part of the design and it is something fundamental in your model.

inside color

Who said that the shoes or boots do not look from the inside. A true lover of shoes or boots, he likes to decide on each part of the design, choose between red, beige, black, pink, fuchsia ...

other features

In some models you can choose the type of heel, even create an exclusive design for yourself. Do not hesitate and contact our team at and make your dreams come true