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At CHARLOTTE LUXURY, we are passionate designers and challenge enthusiasts dedicated to offering you custom-made footwear tailored to your unique style. We understand that everyone is different, which is why each pair of shoes we create is designed to reflect your individual personality and preferences.

We believe that every real shoe and boot lover should be able to wear their dream shoes. That's why we are committed to designing models from size 35 to size 45, so that one size does not become an excuse for not wearing your dream shoes.
We also offer the possibility of creating made-to-measure lasts and patterns.

We are proud to be part of the Slow Fashion movement. Sustainable and eco-responsible luxury.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Models

We offer a wide range of shoe models that you can personalize to your taste. From color and material selections to fine details, every shoe is a true expression of who you are.

Creations from Scratch

If you have a vision, we can bring it to life. We design and create unique shoes from scratch, ensuring they meet your exact needs and preferences.

Made-to-Measure Adjustments

Every foot is different. That’s why we specialize in made-to-measure adjustments, ensuring comfort and a perfect fit for every pair of shoes we craft.


In our Atelier, we not only design but also handcraft each shoe ourselves. This artisanal approach allows us to oversee every detail and maintain our high standards of quality throughout the entire process.



Every shoe that comes out of CHARLOTTE LUXURY is a testament to our dedication. Our atelier is more than just a workspace—it's a sanctuary where creativity thrives and craftsmanship is revered. Each design is meticulously sketched, every material carefully selected, and every pair of shoes lovingly crafted by hand.



Believing in quality over quantity, we chose to produce shoes in limited series and made-to-order, ensuring that each pair is unique and personal. This approach not only prevents excess and waste but also allows them to focus on sustainable practices. Their leather is ethically sourced from animals primarily raised for food, ensuring that no part goes to waste.


Local Craftsmanship

Supporting local artisans and materials is at the heart of our philosophy. By sourcing and producing everything locally, we maintain a close connection to the creation process, ensuring that every shoe embodies their vision of excellence. This commitment to local craftsmanship not only supports the community but also guarantees superior quality.


For the True Shoe Lover

Whether it's the elegant curve of a high heel, the bold statement of a boot, or the classic charm of a timeless shoe, CHARLOTTE LUXURY offers something for every true shoe lover. We understand that shoes are more than just accessories—they are expressions of individuality and style.


Make every step a statement with our custom luxury Shoes and Boots. At CHARLOTTE LUXURY, we are committed to creating the shoes of your dreams, tailored to you in every way.


Contact Us Today

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today and discover how we can help you transform your style with our exclusive custom shoes. Thank you for trusting us with your footwear needs.

Together, we’ll make every step count!

At CHARLOTTE LUXURY we don’t just make shoes; we create unique experiences. Join our story and turn your ideas into reality with us.