Your measurements, Your high-heels

Know all the details to take your feet and legs and get your custom shoes or boots. It was never easy to get your heels shoes or boots..

Foot Measures

Put your foot on the paper and draw your drawn line. The pencil or pen must to be in 90 degrees to get the perfect measurement.

If you have issues, it's better to ask someone to help you.

Foot Length

Make a perpendicular line of the foot on the line on top and bottom drawling. To this get this perfect measure you must deduct 0.5cm

( That is cause the line ever pass exact your foot silhouette. In boot this not necessary. )

Foot Width

We take the widest points of the foot and draw line. The widest points of the foot correspond to the part where the fingers end and the body of the foot begins.

In shoes you must deduct 0.5cm ( not necessary in boots )

Width Circumference

This measurement corresponds to the widest part of the foot (previous step).

Each person has a different height and is needed to make the fit perfect.

This is your width circumference

Instep Circumference

Repeat the previous step with reference to the instep.  

The highest point on the center of your foot, where you foot makes a arch.

Is not necessary in open shoes.

This is your instep circumference

Leg Measurements

These measures can be taken by oneself. This measurement corresponds to the circumference in different points of the leg.

Height From the Floor

Identifies the height from the floor point to measure leg. You can do it with one rule o meter sewing. Always this measurement is taken from the heel and not from the front. That way you will get the height measures.

Leg Circumference

Measure the different contours of leg every 10cm, encircling your leg with the meter sewing. You can include your height and circumference ankle and calf circumference so we get your perfect legs curves and fit.

Height of the Boots

To know the height of your boots, measure the distance from your heel to below the knee. To know your desired height of thigh highs take the measure from the heel to the height of the leg that you want.

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