About us


In 2012, in Barcelona we decided to pursue our dream. We have not looked back.

We create luxury shoes with the possibility of customization and adjustment of measures. Each of us is unique and different, our shoes too, there are no two equal pairs. Every design is made in exclusive by order.
We want to get the shoe of your dreams, create the work of art that is in your mind or the perfect pair for your beloved collection.

Each pair of shoes and boots have a different story.
Which is yours?


handmade shoes & boots

In Charlotte Luxury are more than online shop. You can unleash your imagination to create the model that until now could only imagine on your dreams

Dream designs from the purest elegance to more extravagant and risky models. Each shoe is a unique and unrepeatable work of art, created from the feeling and love of shoes. Dare to share with us your dream model, together we will create it.


in search of the extraordinary

As passionate of shoes, we seek the excellence and perfection of each model. We are proud to know that collectors and shoe lovers from around the world trust and share their love for our designs. Each shoe, each boot, evne each glove or bag are made take care attention in the small details to get a little piece of art for our customers. You be sure each product in Charlotte Luxury is special and unique for each one. Makes you have something nobody have because;

"You are part of the process, you are part of the design. You are different and we know that."


dreaming designers

We are not conformists, we are always in constant search for improvement in techniques, materials and use of last technology to be able to always offer a product of high quality and design without losing the essence of tradition and genuine elaboration by hand.

Introducing new factories, brands.... in contasting creation of new shoes or boots. Inifinites possibilities



At Charlotte Luxury we are Slow Fashion, we belong to a movement that seeks to create and enhance the essence of unique models created on demand, without creating surplus or overproduction.
Our products are created in limited series, design, experience, professionalism and work deposited in your perfect pair of shoes, created exclusively for you. Who said that Fashion is not sustainable?