You have problems to order at Charlotte Luxury?

We guide you to make your shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Get your perfect high heels in few steps!

1. Select your model 

Select your model, choose between the features available and click on the button “add to cart”.

2. Your product has been added to cart.

To proceed to purchase click on the icon of the shopping cart on the right top of the page.

Here you can see products you have added previously.

Once you verified all is correct, (model, size and features) press “proceed to checkout”

3. Checkout

Fill the data for delivery of your model, an email to send data from your purchase and select the payment method you prefer.

4. Purchase completed

Once you have made the payment, your purchase is already done!

You will get an email within minutes confirming your order.

In the next 24-48 hours we will contact you to confirm by email that everything is correct and send your Invoice Book with your order details.

Remember that you can write us if you have any doubts. We will be pleased to help you.

Remember that you can write us if you have any doubts. We will be pleased to help you.


For special orders that require a personalized customization, color not published on the website, a special design …

Get in contact telling us that you wish. We answer you as soon as possible.

  • Colors or special materials: We will check the availability of materials and colors and will inform you as soon as possible.
  • Special orders: Send us as clear as possible what you wish (you can attach images to help the design) We will answer as soon as possible. We will send a previous design and a personalized budget for your model.