Realise your dreamed shoes!

Charlotte Luxury brings you the opportunity to create and design your perfect model.

Personalize the beautiful designs which are in our shop or design your own model.

The limit is in your imagination!


Models made to measure are designed exclusively for each client.

This production is made by order. This means that your model will start production once you do your purchase.
The type of manufacturing is a traditional handmade by hands of professionals of footwear.

Estimated Production Time 

Models Made to measure have an estimated production 4 to 10 weeks. (time specified in each product page)

We love to fulfil the times but please, note that each model is made individually and requires different manufacturing processes.

This time is estimated and may vary depending on the model, type of leather, if it is a customer design or if is made with customer measures.

For our part we try to adjust as much as possible to the determined times.

We appreciate your patience.


All models made to measure have a check box that when pressed opens a form that allows write your measures. These will be added in your purchase.

If you haven’t your measurements at the time of purchase you can send them by this form or by mail with the subject “measures” + the number of your order.

Designs made to measure will be made exclusively for you and considering your measurements.

Note that in these models the adjustment will be what the model allows.


» Please, remember that we are available for any questions you may have before and after your purchase.

We are not responsible for a wrong taken measures by the customer.

However, if for some reason the measures submitted at the time of purchase does not correspond to the final model, after checking in our facilities, we will resend the model to the factory for their adjustment.

If the customer send a wrong measures or wants an extra adjustment is possible to resend the model to factory for remake the needed adjustments – This process could have a cost from the factory.