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All products in CHARLOTTE-LUXURY are customizable?

Yes. All the products that you can see in CHARLOTTE-LUXURY allow its customization. Each model describes its available options. However there are unlimited possibilities to choose between materials, colors ... that are not published on the web. Ask us!

Are the products in my Wishlist reserved?

A product added to your Wish List allows for an easier future purchase, or to share it with a friend: In no way does this reserve the product. Also, please notice that items placed in your shopping cart are not reserved. Only a confirmed payment for a product will reserve it. For this reason, if the product you desire is available, we advise you to finalize the purchase as quickly as possible.

With what materials are CHARLOTTE-LUXURY products manufactured?

All CHARLOTTE models are made with very high quality materials. Special care is taken in the selection of leathers and materials for footwear and gloves. For an exceptional result it is necessary that the base is excellent.

The material par excellence is 100% genuine leather or kidskin.

If you require other material, such as vegan leather or textile, for your shoes, boots or gloves, please contact us to see the availability and variations available at design@charlotte-luxury.com

It is possible make a model in other color or texture that is not published shop?

Yes it is possible.

Because there are endless possibilities in colors or textures of a model, we published the most frequent.

Write us about the model and color or texture you want. We will consult availability and confirm you as soon as possible.

I want a special model /personalized model. Can I order it in Charlotte Luxury?

Yes, Of course.

In Charlotte Luxury we love shoes and want to realize your dreamed shoes.

Describe the design you want, send us a photo or one design.
We will find the best way for make reality your pair of shoes desired.
Charlotte Luxury work directly with professional manufacturers of footwear that create every model of individual and personalized manner.

Get your dreamed shoes in Charlotte-Luxury!

It's possible to combine the features of two different models?

It could be possible.

Let us know which models you want to combine or their characteristics and we will inform you personally about the availability.

How I can purchase one custom model?

You can purchase a custom model through the shop.

Find the model you desire and select the features you want.

Click on “made to measure” if you want add your Measures in the moment of purchase.

Before the payment, you have the option to write a note. You can describe some relevant information here.
We always send a personal email confirming all purchase details. You also can write us here.

» For some special requests (custom designs), we create a Special Invoice for you that you will receive at your mail.

1. How I do know my size?

In general, our shoes adjust to the actual size, but since everyone's feet are different, the size preference depends solely on the user. The most common mistake when buying shoes is that a larger size will increase the width of the finger box and decrease the stiffness of the material; when in reality, going up in size only affects the length. After several uses, most materials will stretch and form to the shape of the user's foot, forming a better fit.

Our models are made to order and are created exclusively for each client with the possibility of adjusting measurements. This helps the model adapt, as far as the design allows, as much as possible to the foot and leg.

We have a size guide that can be used as a guide if you do not know which one you want by clicking here

2. How do I take the measurements?

Taking measurements to oneself is simple and does not require much time. If you do it with help, it will be easier. You only need a piece of paper, a sewing meter and a pen or pencil to aim.

Click here to see our guide on how to take the measurements.

If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to write us.

3. Where do I send my measurements?

Send us your measurements at the time of making your order or you can do it later through our form or by sending us an email.

Click here to send

1. How to take care CHARLOTTE-LUXURY products?

All CHARLOTTE-LUXURY products are created using only the highest quality materials. In order to preserve their quality and radiance over time, we recommend that you observe the following care instructions:

  • Protect your leather goods from rain and moisture;
  • Store your products away from light and heat;
  • Keep the leather area clean and dry using a dry soft cloth of neutral color;
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces;
  • Avoid contact with alcohol, grease, or makeup;
  • In order to avoid irreparable color migration, do not store your nude or light-colored item near a black or dark-colored one;
  • Store your products individually in the dust bag provided or wrapped in white tissue paper.
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1. How do I make my custom order?


Visit our store to see all the catalog of products that we have available. You can find a wide sample of high-heeled shoes, sandals, boots, gloves and accessories categorized by styles.

Once you find the model you want, you just have to click on it and you will see all the customization options that it has, choose them and click on the button "add to cart".



To proceed to purchase click on the icon of the shopping cart on the right top of the page.

Here you can see products you have added previously.

Once you verified all is correct, (model, size and features) press “proceed to checkout”



Fill the data for delivery of your model, an email to send data from your purchase and select the payment method you prefer.



Once you have made the payment, your purchase is already done!

You will get an email within minutes confirming your order.

In the next 24-48 hours we will contact you to confirm by email that everything is correct and send your Invoice Book with your order details.

Remember that you can write us if you have any doubts. We will be pleased to help you.

2. How do I know if my order has been placed?

At the moment your payment is validated and accepted by your bank, we will send you an email confirming your order. This email confirms that you have placed your order correctly.

If you did not receive the email, this usually means that there is an error with your order, or your bank does not have the authorized payment, or there is an error in the information you have entered for the order. If this is the case, we invite you to contact your bank or contact us directly at customercare@charlotte-luxury.com

3. How can I modify/cancel my order?

Billing and shipping address:

They can only be modified before our team processes the order. It is still possible for us to cancel or change the billing and shipping addresses of an order before the order is prepared and shipped.

On product:

Similarly, model changes are possible if the order has not been processed to the factory. If you need to make any changes to the model, you must notify us as soon as possible. It is possible that in case the model is in production it requires an extra cost for the modifications.

4. It's a Gift! Is it possible to have a gift message and wrapping for my order?

In Charlotte Luxury we offer the possibility to prepare your order as a gift. We love gifts and that each package is made with care and love

Gift wrapping + Cute tie
Special note - write some nice words, a poem or a song! We'll print a card for your special someone!
To prepare your order as gift - When you make your purchase just click on the check box "IT'S A GIFT!" (In product page) and select what you want.
Manufacturing times can not always fit a specific date. Whether because you are going to make your order with little time or because of your model requires a longer process.
That your special person does not stay with empty hands! - Notify to us and we will send a small gift box.


Gift box content:
Personalized card - With some beautiful words from you.
Product image card + details / or Surprise card.
Gift Box + cute tie.


9. I can't access my account, what should I do?

Click to access your account, you have an option to reset the password. Click there, you have a message to the email to restore the password.

If you still can not access your account, please contact us at customercare@charlotte-luxury.com

CHARLOTTE-LUXURY sends to my country?

We created a distribution network that allows us to reach more than 170 countries and make your shopping experience comfortable and satisfying.

Receive your exclusive product in the comfortable place you wish!

How long does it take for my order?

Each model has an estimated production period shown on the product page.

You also can see the estimated time in the PDF Invoice Book that we send you after you make your purchase.

Once this process is finished, the shipment usually takes between 1-5 days ,depending on the country of destination.

Please, write us if you need more detailed information about your order.

Why has my order been delayed?

It is possible that custom models, made to measure, or special designs require more time in the manufacture process.

Likewise it is possible that in times of increased working concentration (as Christmas) there is a little delay on your order.

Please, be aware that we are the first to wish you receive your order.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

Remember that you can write us for any questions you may have.

Is it safe to buy online?


CHARLOTTE-LUXURY take very seriously the safety of the customer when making their purchases. For this reason, we have taken the best security measures to make your payment experience fully protected with high security

CHARLOTTE-LUXURY.COM uses state-of-the-art server security software with SSL encryption which provides the safe and bug-proof transmission of your card details.