Given the situation in Ukraine and Russia's brutal invasion of this country; Two of our most beloved factories and brands, YS and DiMarni are sitting idle waiting to get back in business as soon as possible and continue creating those amazing heels we know.

 News reaches us that they are safe and well. They have our full support and backing.

As of today, it is unpredictable to know what the estimated date of return to normality will be. We appreciate your patience, solidarity and understanding received.

Many of you ask us options to help. We have consulted with several Ukrainian companies. One of the best options we have found is the option to buy a gift card of any amount, and have Di Marni or YS products with a 20% discount when everything returns to normal.

We are evaluating the option of being able to continue with production in our other factories in Italy or Spain and we are currently studying the viability and logistics of this option.

As soon as we have new news we will inform about the status and available options.

Thank you very much again for your words, support, understanding and solidarity.