About us


One story to tell

In 2012, living in Barcelona, ​​obsessed by the fashion of its streets we decided to create charlotte-luxury.com. After extensive experience in the footwear sector, we look for all the distinctive elements that we would like to impregnate in our shoes and boots. We understand shoes as a religion, for this we take as reference essential dogmas of faith;

Exclusive Design · Best Materials · Customization · Made to measure

You are special, you are part of charlotte-luxury.com, Do you have something in mind?

shoes & boots

Dream designs from the purest elegance to more extravagant and risky models. Each shoe is a unique and unrepeatable work of art, created from the feeling and love of shoes. Dare to share with us your dream model, together we will create it.

in search of the extraordinary

We are not conformist, we are always in search of improvements in techniques, materials and use of the latest technology to always offer a high quality product.

dreaming designers

Each element is done taking care of the small details to obtain a small piece of art for our customers.

"You are part of the process, you are part of the design, you are different and we know it."

slowfashion & sustainability

We do not create surpluses, we consume what is necessary, with fair wages, we seek excellence and knowledge above production costs and profitability. This sustainable chain for the present and the future of our planet