Made to measure · Charlotte Luxury · Luxury High Heels Shoes & Boots.

Luxury High Heels Shoes & Boots made by hand. Create your own model. Made to Measure means make only for you. Choose between many features difference to get your perfect shoes or Boots. hen you have one shoes or boots custom made you know the qualities and fit you get with this special product made only for you. Charlotte Luxury is synonymous of quality and luxury. Your purchase always deserve the occasion. All customer get one luxury high shoes & boots made to measure , getting unique and special shoes or boots only for them. One gift never forget it. Seven factories around the world works to bring at your home one special High Heels Shoes or High heels Boots for you. Made to Measure High Heels Shoes or Made to Measure High heels Boots only you can get here. Our team works to help you.

You can purchase in any part of the world and get your perfect luxury shoes or luxury boots in your home quiet. Without efforts you can get the best qualities and design in luxury shoes or luxury boots at your home.


Made to measure · Charlotte Luxury · Luxury High Heels Shoes & Boots.

Differents designs for every style
Create your perfect Shoes & Boots
Your shoes will be created uniquely for you

Your Own
CHL Heels

Custom Heels for Loving!

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  • Design created especially for you

    All models are manufactured on request, each order is unique.

  • 100% Customizable models

    Choose how you want your perfect pair of heels. Unlimited possibilities to create the shoe of your dreams.

  • High Quality Materials and Manufacturing

    Masters of footwear caring every detail from the selection of the best materials to the finest finishes.

  • Option made to measure for a perfect fit of your model.

    Your heels, your measures. Option to adjust the model to your measures.


Unlimited possibilities to personalize your own pair.


Special selection of models so you can customize them to your liking


Wide range of colors available. Show us yours if you do not find in the store.


All products are made with 100% leather. Shiny patent, soft suede or genuine leather.

Color of Sole

Your steps with style. Choose your favorite color sole.

Heeel Type/ Height*

Choose how you want the heel or height * Selected models.

For You

Sizes from 35 to 45.  Bespoke option for a perfect fit.


We are all perfectly unique!, we are not cut from the same pattern.

Standard sizes are used to have a general form to offer products to everyone. However, each person have a different measures that may not always conform with the standard sizes. For many, it is very frustrating to buy shoes or boots that we fit perfect. One of the most common examples is that the leg boot be too tight or too large.

Moreover, who has not dreamed of a model specially made for oneself? A beautiful shoes that fit perfect?

The possibility to choose the features of our favourite model and to know that masters of footwear will develop our model, taking special care of the smallest details in each process, with high quality materials, like if it was a piece of art…all of this, only and in exclusive for you.

For all these reasons, in Charlotte Luxury we offer the possibility to make your model with your perfect measurements! Discover the wide variety of models with possibility of fit with your measurements and personalize its features like outsole color, inside color, base material…



Your model as you want

Create the model you’ve always dreamed in Charlotte-Luxury.
We love heels and we would love to offer you that pair of shoes you always have dreamed of.
Send us the design or describe us what you want.
We have the possibility to create your special pair of shoes.

Contact us and tell us how you want your perfect model!

Contact to us & Describe your perfect model